Radar Interview

"This is not a Russian plan, but it is in the interests of Russia" Johnny Melikyan (VIDEO)

The guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Chat" program is Johnny Melikyan, an expert from the "Orbel" Center.

He referred to the ongoing processes against the "Transparency of Foreign Influence" bill in Georgia and discussed Georgia-EU-US relations in this context and their influence on Armenia.

According to Johnny Melikyan, the Georgian authorities initiated this bill as a tool of internal political struggle. "This is not a Russian plan but in Russia's interests."

Whether Saakashvofili's return is likely due to the elections or these processes, the Georgian expert Melikyan replied that Saakashvili can at most be released from,m prison, "The struggle in Georgia is between the present and the former. Saakashvili was elected as the former. The situation will change if Saakashvili's alternative is a third force."

As for Georgia-EU-USA relations, the expert emphasizes that Georgia has allies in the EU, which is why it goes to the bank. "When Georgia leaves the EU, it will leave Armenia as well. Georgia-EU-US relations are in a dangerous zone but have not crossed the red line."

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