Radar Interview

"Why should the RA leader always run if Putin is not coming?" Anahit Adamyan (VIDEO)

Anahit Adamyan, a member of the political council of the "Republic" party, is a guest on Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program.

He referred to Armenia-US-EU relations, economic and foreign policy diversification, Armenian-Russian relations, and sovereignty.

According to Anahit Adamyan, Blinken will not write a diversification plan for Armenia. "Stoltenberg said, our doors are open. If you want, come; if you don't, don't come. I rule out that the Turks will attack Armenia if the Russians leave, and in the case of Turkey, Erdoğan should solve his problems and then rush to defend Azerbaijan."

According to his observation, Iran will also fail if Armenia fails somewhere.

"On October 27, the development of Armenia was shot down. That day, we lost Artsakh.

It would be wonderful if Nikol Pashinyan did not participate in Putin's inauguration.

Typically, Pashinyan participated in Erdogan's inauguration, but Putin should not participate."

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