Radar Interview

"Erdogan will make concessions. Russian-Turkish relations will worsen." Nelly Minasyan (VIDEO)

The guest on Radar Armenia's "Radar Chat" program is Turkologist Nelly Minasyan.

He referred to the local government elections held in Turkey, talked about Armenian-Turkish, Turkey-Russian, and Turkey-US-EU relations, and mentioned the Erdogan-Biden meeting expected on May 9.

According to Nelly Minasyan, Erdogan suffered his first major defeat in local government elections. According to him, the crisis in Armenian-Russian relations is beneficial for Turkey. He noted that Turkey would speak about the Pashinyan-Blinken-Laye meeting expected on April 5 if relations between Armenia and the West took a severe course. Now, that role has been given to Azerbaijan, "Erdogan's Turkey has serious problems with the West. Erdogan and Biden have serious differences. Erdogan was trying to settle relations with the West a minute ago. He will make new concessions to the West, which will be connected with Russia."

Speaking about the rumors of Armenia becoming a candidate for EU membership, the Turkologist said that full EU membership is far away for both Armenia and Turkey; moreover, the EU doors are closed for Turkey.

Minasyan also referred to Erdogan's statement that Turkey will pass the exam in Gaza as successfully as in Syria, Somalia, and Karabakh. "Erdogan's statement is populist. Gaza is not Karabakh," she said.

According to his observation, Russian-Turkish relations have developed quite serious cracks, and we should expect further aggravation in the near future.

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