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"Russia should lose the role of a big brother for Armenians." Nina Karapetyans (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

12 February, 20:00

The guest on Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program is human rights defender Nina Karapetyants.

He referred to Azerbaijan's request to change the constitution, the signing of the peace treaty, the Russia-West conflict, Aliyev's problems maintaining power, the elections in the West and Russia, and Armenia's positioning in this context.

According to Karapetyants, Aliyev feels like a movie guy.

"Aliye will have the problem of keeping the power.

I disagree that Russia will weaken so much that it will collapse.

Russia cannot weaken so much that it does not overwhelm Armenia.

I can't imagine getting closer to Russia than this.

We must not allow Russia and the West to digest the Artsakh Genocide.

Russia should lose the role of a big brother for Armenians."

Referring to the presidential elections in Russia on March 17, Karapetyants found it challenging to consider it an election. "Putin is an eternally reproduced character. Lukashenko, Aliyev, and Erdogan can continue their lives with Russia."

Details in the video

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