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"The Russian side was making concessions at our expense, solving its issues with Azerbaijan." Artur Osipyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

10 November 2023, 20:00

The guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program is Artur Osipyan, the chairman of the Artsakh Revolutionary Party. He referred to the decline of Nagorno-Karabakh, talked about those responsible and guilty of the created situation, as well as the document signed by Samvel Shahramanyan.

According to him, the actors in the fall of Artsakh were those forces that ruled both Armenia and Artsakh for decades. "It was obvious that the Russian side was making concessions at the expense of our interests, solving its issues with the enemy. What was the acceptable part of Lavrov's plan when they said Nagorno-Karabakh would remain part of Azerbaijan? The authorities of Artsakh never came out from under the Russian lake. If the Russian said take your heads and put them under the Turk's bed, they should have taken them and said a word of "Спасибо, Россия." Araik Harutyunyan said that the last war would have happened even if he did not resign. It would be correct and respected if Samvel Shahramanian resigned rather than justifying that he had to. There was no potential within Artsakh to resist Azerbaijan's aggression. Apart from Samvel Babayan's team, I don't know anyone who would agree with the autonomy of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan would not agree to any autonomy; it is a utopia. Russia agreed to a change of power in Artsakh so that anti-Russian sentiments would not develop."

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