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"Artsvashen is almost 44 km², and the enclaves of the RA territory together - 45 km²". Ruben Galchyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

21 October 2023, 20:00

Cartographer Ruben Galchyan is the "Radar Chat" program guest at the Radar Armenia booth. He referred to the topic of enclaves, talked about their lack of legal basis, implementation of demarcation and boundary with the maps of 1970-1975, the emergence of enclaves, and their strategic importance and possibility of exchange.

According to the cartographer, there is no document about the enclaves, but the conversation about the Azerbaijani enclaves started long ago, in the 1930s. "Artsvashen is almost 44 km², and the enclaves of the territory of RA together - 45 km²," says Galchyan, adding the so-called enclave is one of the problems created by the Soviet Union. "In the maps of 1969-1970, the enclaves are marked as Azerbaijani without legal documents. The Soviet Union placed 2 of the 3 enclaves on the highways of the Armenian SSR. If the enclaves are given to Azerbaijan, they can cut and cross the highways. After receiving the enclaves, Azerbaijan will demand a corridor from its country to the enclave."

Details in the video

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