Radar Interview

"Erdogan went to Russia after something else." Nelly Minasyan (VIDEO)

Turkologist Nelly Minasyan is the "Radar Chat" program guest at the Radar Armenia booth. He referred to the Erdogan-Putin meeting agreements other than the grain deal. He talked about issues related to the settlement of Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, geopolitical consolidation around the extraterritorial corridor through the territory of Armenia, and Turkey's role in establishing peace in the region.

"The West instructed Turkey to achieve the resumption of the grain deal. The interests of Turkey and Russia coincide on many issues. Erdogan went to Russia for something else. It is a matter of days if Turkey wants to regulate Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. Erdogan and Aliyev discuss all issues related to foreign policy. Turkey continues its policy of putting pressure on Armenia. "Armenian-Turkish relations are at a dead end at the moment," observes Turkologist Nelly Minasyan.

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