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"Putin's leg will be cut off from Armenia. must ratify the Rome Statute". Ruben Mehrabyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

12 August 2023, 20:00

Ruben Mehrabyan, vice president of the "For the Republic" party, is the "Radar Chat" program guest at the Radar Armenia booth. He referred to the situation in Artsakh and spoke about the Russian side's actions, inaction, cooperation with Azerbaijan, internal political turmoil in Artsakh, and Armenia's expectations and expectations with the West.

According to him, the situation created in Artsakh has clear authors, and the peace agenda means a relentless fight against the enemies of peace. "Russian platform means Lavrov's agenda. We have a new geometry of the conflict fixed on November 9."

According to Mehrabyan, a competent contingent should replace an incompetent Russia. "Russian peacekeepers are fed up. There is a ban on throwing away the bread, but not giving it to the population. Russia is not only unable, but also unwilling."

Referring to our expectations from the West, Mehrabyan notes: "The West will not open the Lachin Corridor for free. Russia is not a problem solver. it is a problem that Armenia should solve. Putin's leg will be cut off from Armenia. the Rome Statute must be ratified."

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