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"Either we will try to keep Artsakh by force or accept the rules of the enemy's game, preserving what is possible. Norayr Norikyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

7 August 2023, 20:00

At the Radar Armenia booth, the guest of the "Radar Chat" program is the chairman of the "Ardar Armenia" party, Norayr Norikyan. He referred to the situation in Artsakh, talked about how to get out of it, the instruments of the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh, the possibility of signing a peace treaty, and the direct dialogue between Stepanakert and Baku.

According to Norikyan, the political leadership of Artsakh has found itself in forced unemployment and sees two options to get out of the created situation. "Either we will try to keep Artsakh by force, or we will accept the rules of the enemy's game, keeping as much as possible."

Speaking about the peace agreement, Norikyan notes that a peace agreement will not be signed in the foreseeable future. "Only the desire of Pashinyan and Aliyev is not enough to sign a peace treaty. Going to sign a peace treaty on the principle of "everything to Azerbaijan, nothing to Armenia" will not bring lasting peace.

Details in the video

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