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"The meeting taking place a week earlier in Brussels is related to the processes in the region;" Arman Abovyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

14 July 2023, 20:00

Political analyst Arman Abovyan is the "Radar Chat" program guest at the Radar Armenia booth. He referred to the Aliyev-Pashinyan-Michel meeting to be held tomorrow in Brussels, the role and influence of the superpowers in settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani, Armenian-Turkish relations, the Stepanakert-Baku direct dialogue, spoke about the influence of Armenia's internal political processes on the actions of "Hayakve", Azerbaijan and Turkey. , as well as about the indefinite movement started today in Artsakh.

According to the analyst, Azerbaijan does not have political independence because it is a servant of several masters. Referring to the Pashinyan-Aliev-Michel meeting to be held tomorrow, he noted that it is difficult to call that process a negotiation, "The meeting in Brussels a week earlier is related to the processes taking place in the region. When you cut the regional cake, you see that the parts with taste are not ours."

According to Arman Abovyan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey have never relied on Armenia's internal political processes in their actions. According to him, the "Request" cannot be a reason for active actions for Azerbaijan and Turkey. Abovyan is sure that a lot depends on the geopolitical interests of big players, "It is beneficial for the Russian Federation, Iran, China, and India that we are in the region."

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