Radar Interview

"Azerbaijan and Turkey want to lift the blockade from us;" Tadevos Avetisyan (VIDEO)

At the Radar Armenia booth, the guest of the "Radar Chat" program is Tadevos Avetisyan, deputy of the Armenia faction of the National Assembly. He touched on Armenia's economic issues and discussed the risks and benefits of unblocking communications.

"In general, integration is a positive phenomenon. This development has no alternative, and the world's regions and economies are getting closer, becoming more integrated, liberalized, etc. But there is an essential, fundamental subtlety here. There cannot be effective economic integration in the regional sense if it is imposed on the other side by the superiority of the interests of one or two parties. Turkey and Azerbaijan, having military dominance in the region, now clearly and not forgetting the threat of force, want to force us to remove the blockade from us. It is unclear what they want under that name."

Details in the video.