"I want to emphasize our determination to move forward on the democratic path." Simonyan

NA Speaker Alen Simonyan's congratulatory message on Constitution Day.

"Dear compatriots, law-abiding citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

On July 5, we celebrate the day of our mother law, the Constitution.

29 years ago on this day, many of us, our mothers and sisters, fathers and brothers adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia in a popular referendum, fixing the nature of RA as a sovereign, democratic, legal and social state and declaring the basic rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen.

Article 2 of the Constitution stipulates that the power in the Republic of Armenia belongs to the people. Although some centers and groups regularly attempt to take away this inalienable constitutional right from the people, recent events have again shown the prudence of our people, proving that the power in RA belongs to the people.

Dear compatriots, as the president of the RA National Assembly and as a representative of a political team that has adopted a clear democratic path, I agree with a number of concerns that concern you, that despite the provisions laid down in the Constitution, there are still some legislative gaps in various fields, which are often an inconvenience, and sometimes many of you feel unprotected before the law.

Congratulating the Constitution Day, I want to emphasize again our determination to move forward on the democratic path and assure that the National Assembly will spare no effort in its law-making activities to make your life more prosperous, dignified and comfortable."