"An attempt was made to implement the second "November 9", in case of success, the second "October 27"; Konjoryan

"It is unpleasant that the opposition spoke boldly according to its rules and left," said Hayk Konjoryan, the head of the NA KP faction, responding to the statements of Artsvik Minasyan, the secretary of the "Armenia" faction.

He noted that the Armenian faction acted like a Trojan horse yesterday. "A few hours before those events, yesterday, a few hours before those events, the representative of their movement, declared the leader of their movement, was talking about internal enemies, pointing and referring to us."

He noted that there was violence and an attack on the police. He described Bagrat Archbishop Galstanyan's statements that they are looking for the Prime Minister as an attempt at terrorism. He noted that on November 9, 2020, the same "mob under the direction of the same bosses" was trying to find the Prime Minister and take revenge. "The same thing happened yesterday, with the same speech, through the same leadership," he said, adding, "Yesterday, with the same people, an attempt was made to implement a second November 9, and in case of success, a second October 27."