Vahagn Khachaturyan received the American official

The President of the Republic, Vahagn Khachaturyan, received the special representative of US city and state diplomacy, Ambassador Nina Hachigyan.

Welcoming Nina Hachigyan, the president emphasized her visit to Armenia and the need to activate close cooperation at the community level.

"I am sure that your visit will contribute to the activation of cooperation at the community level through the exchange of experience and mutual assistance. Establishing direct and direct connections between different cities or communities is very important," the president said.

Nina Hachigyan thanked him for the reception. "I am happy to see the expansion of cooperation between our two countries. I hope that my visit will be useful in the context of the development of cooperation," he said.

The interlocutors agreed that the two countries can find new opportunities for cooperation between cities, regions, and states, respectively, as well as make cooperation more active as sister cities.

Implementation of joint work in directions with great potential for cooperation and activation of practical steps were emphasized.
The joint statement adopted within the framework of the concluding session of the RA-US strategic dialogue, which was held recently, outlined the vision of deepening bilateral relations in the coming year, raising the status of the bilateral dialogue to a strategic partnership.

Reference was also made to the latest developments taking place in our country and the region.