"I will never visit Belarus again as long as Lukashenko is the president." Nikol Pashinyan

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that he would not visit Belarus until Alexander Lukashenko became president.

"But one of the leaders of the CSTO declares that he participated in the preparation of the 44-day war, encouraged, believed, and wished for the victory of Azerbaijan. After that, should I sit down with the President of Belarus in the CSTO format and discuss the issue? Aren't you the one who is talking about dignity and principles? There is a situation that I will have to in some way in EAEU, CSTO," he said.

He also said, "I put it on record that I will never visit Belarus as long as Alexander Lukashenko is the president. And, in general, I declare that from now on, no official representative of RA will visit Belarus. in general."

The Prime Minister raised a question: "Can something change regarding CSTO? "Theoretically, yes, if Belarus decides to withdraw from the CSTO, or if the president of Belarus says words of apology and explanation to the people of Armenia that are understandable and acceptable to the people."