"The attempt to bring the issue of the constitution to the negotiation table is torpedoing the peace process." prime minister

In a briefing with journalists, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the peace treaty negotiations with Azerbaijan, noting that they are ready to sign the treaty in a month. "It means that the current text of the peace agreement is mature enough, and the last lines can be adjusted, brought to a final shape based on the previously established bilateral agreements, and signed."

He referred to the statements from Azerbaijan about the amendments to the constitution: "Connecting that issue and bringing it to the negotiation table is torpedoing the peace process. I do not rule out certain tendencies to interfere in the internal affairs of Armenia and also, based on particular misinformation, to initiate processes in Armenia. I spoke about the amendment of the constitution in 2019, and our agenda is exclusively related to democratic changes. We have said that the constitutional amendment cannot be part of the negotiations because it is our internal, exclusively internal agenda."