"Can we go back?" Nikol Pashinyan did not rule out leaving the CSTO

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has not ruled out leaving the CSTO.

During the NA-Government question-and-answer session, the Prime Minister referenced a statement by CSTO member Belarus President Lukashenko, who allegedly said they planned the war against Armenia with Azerbaijan. The Prime Minister's response was, "The culprit was those who formed a bubble alliance, whose members, it turned out, did not fulfill their contractual obligations, but gone, they are planning a war against us with Azerbaijan."

When asked to leave CSTO, the Prime Minister said, "We will leave; you are scaring us with that. We are doing well. We will decide when we leave. We say, and fewer things have been said. We will decide. Well, in your opinion, what is the next step? Can we go back? There is no other way."