Vahan Kostanyan gave a speech at the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine

From June 11 to 12, RA Deputy Foreign Minister Vahan Kostanyan participated in the conference on the restoration of Ukraine held in Berlin. Vahan Kostanyan delivered a speech within the framework of the forum, during which he specifically noted:

"First, let me appreciate Germany's efforts in organizing this meeting. I want to emphasize that for the first time, Armenia is participating in the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The principles of Ukraine's restoration, adopted in Lugano two years ago, should be the basis of today's discussions. Reform-based, transparent, democratic, and sustainable recovery processes are prerequisites for guaranteeing the future of the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, this process will be fragmented and ineffective without peace. Armenia and our people imagine the horror of wars and violence. Recently, we faced a similar situation and realized the importance of peace.

We are ready to cooperate with the parties to stop the suffering of innocent people. Peace is our political belief. We sincerely engage in peace talks to establish peace and stability in our region. One of the main principles of regulating relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the mutual recognition of territorial integrity based on the Almaty Declaration. Based on that document, not only Armenia and Azerbaijan but also 10 other former Soviet republics agreed to recognize the former administrative borders as interstate borders.

Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to reaffirm the Republic of Armenia's determination to cooperate with partners to rebuild stability and peace in Europe.

Within the event's framework, the Deputy Foreign Minister also had bilateral meetings with several partners.