Nikol Pashinyan received the former Prime Minister of France

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hosted Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former Prime Minister of France and president of the Leaders for Peace organization.

The Prime Minister welcomed Mr. Rafaren's visit to Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan highly appreciated Jean-Pierre Raffarin's particular attention to issues related to Armenia and the situation created around Armenia. The Prime Minister emphasized the training course of the "Traveling University of Peace" launched in Yerevan these days on the latter's initiative, aimed at increasing the abilities of Armenian youth to manage crises.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin thanked the Armenian Prime Minister for his warm hospitality. He added that before visiting Armenia, he met with French Prime Minister Gabriel Atal, who asked him to express his warm greetings to the Armenian Prime Minister. Mr. Raffarin emphasized France's support for Armenia in overcoming challenges and strengthening democracy. Next, he referred to the activities and goals of the "Leaders for Peace" organization.

The interlocutors exchanged ideas on the peace treaty and demarcation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the RA government's "Crossroads of Peace" project, and other topics.