"We are ready to complete the peace agreement quickly." Rubinyan

NA Vice President Ruben Rubinyan announced that they are close to finalizing the text of the peace treaty with Azerbaijan. "We are ready to complete it very quickly and sign it," he said, adding that if they don't sign today, it means they haven't completed it yet.

According to Rubinyan, the positions on the Armenian side have stayed the same. "Our position regarding the unblocking of regional infrastructure is that these infrastructures should be unblocked under the principles of sovereignty, jurisdiction, equality, and reciprocity of the parties. In general, this is our position, regardless of the context of the peace treaty. In general, our position on unblocking infrastructure is this: The Armenian and Azerbaijani sides have an agreement on the recognition of territorial integrity, which was fixed in 2022 in Prague, then in Sochi, then in Brussels, and then in the context of the agreement recorded during the meetings of the demarcation commissions headed by the deputy prime ministers recently."

Rubinyan called the recent statements of the Azerbaijani leadership a "torpedo attack" on the peace process. "If there is a constructive approach from the Azerbaijani side, I consider the signing of the peace agreement possible as soon as tomorrow."