Prospects of rapprochement of Armenia-EU relations were discussed in Slovenia

On June 4, during the official visit to Slovenia, the delegation headed by RA NA Speaker Alen Simonyan met with the Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, Urshka Klacochar Zupancic.

The interlocutors highly appreciated the established relations between Armenia and Slovenia, emphasizing the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in effective interaction between the two countries.

The security situation in the South Caucasus and Europe was immediately discussed.

Alen Simonyan presented to Urshka Zupancic the "Crossroads of Peace" project of the RA government, emphasized the importance of the project in the context of establishing peace in the South Caucasus and creating trade and economic opportunities for the countries of the region.

"Armenia is loyal to the principles of democracy and peace," said the head of the parliament.

At the core of the conversation were the prospects of rapprochement of Armenia-EU relations, the start of dialogue on the liberalization of EU visas for RA citizens, the process of regulating Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and the imperative of returning Armenian prisoners of war illegally held in Azerbaijan.

At the end of the meeting, the parties issued a joint press statement, after which Alen Simonyan made a note in the register of honored guests and toured the National Assembly of Slovenia.