"We see the constructive approach of Armenia." Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia

On June 4, the delegation led by RA NA Speaker Alen Simonyan met with the Slovenian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanya Fajon, as part of the official visit to Slovenia.

"I am satisfied that the cooperation between Armenia and Slovenia is progressing. In the past years, regular contacts have been carried out at the ministries, embassies, and active exchanges in education, science, culture, healthcare, and many other fields," said Alen Simonyan.

Alen Simonyan assessed the cooperation of Armenia and Slovenia within the framework of international organizations as effective.

"We are looking forward to starting substantive discussions on the perspectives of the new priorities of the expanded partnership with the EU shortly," the head of the parliament added.

The interlocutors discussed the security situation in the South Caucasus and Europe, the process of Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiations, the prospects of expanding Armenia-EU cooperation, and several issues related to Armenia-Slovenia bilateral relations. They also highlighted the start of the EU visa liberalization dialogue for RA citizens.

Tanya Fayon noted the process of normalization of Armenia-Azerbaijan relations. "We see Armenia's constructive approach to establishing peace in the South Caucasus."