"A situation has been created where anyone can engage in politics." Mkrtchyan

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Narek Mkrtchyan referred to the movement led by Bagrat Archbishop Galstanyan.

To the journalist's question of why the processes of 2018 were acceptable and today's reprehensible and out of the legal process, he said: "Any process must be adequate or not acceptable by the public. If the public will accept this movement, the ideas it promotes, that is its will. We have repeatedly said that we will take into account the will of the people, and the peculiarity of the situation created after 2018 is that a situation has been created where anyone can go out and engage in politics. whether he is a clergyman or not."

He said to the question: Are there people in the square? "Of course, it is the people, it is our beloved people."