Ararat Mirzoyan will be in Vienna on a working visit

The RA MFA reported that RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan will be in Vienna (Austria) on a working visit on May 20.

Minister Mirzoyan will play a pivotal role in the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety, a high-stakes event being held at the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) under the title "Shaping the Future."

Bilateral meetings are also planned, including with officials of international organizations.

The Nuclear Security Conference's purpose is to provide a global forum for ministers, policymakers, and nuclear security experts to discuss the future of atomic security worldwide, share information and best practices, and promote international cooperation to strengthen nuclear security.

The conference's work contributes to raising awareness of a wide range of nuclear safety issues, including existing challenges and their trends, revising priorities in the field, and addressing directions that need urgent attention. The conference's results will serve as a basis for the development of the IAEA nuclear security program for 2026-2029.