"If Russia has a fact, let it make it public." Grigoryan

We suggested to the Russian Federation that the border guards be withdrawn from "Zvartnots" airport, from 17 existing points on the RA-Azerbaijani border, and from Sisian and Goris bases. RA Security Secretary Armen Grigoryan announced on Public TV that the Russian Federation had accepted the proposal.

"They asked, do you want us to leave the RA-Iran and RA-Turkey borders as well?" We said that these are contractual, and we do not discuss them with them," said Grigoryan.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin stated that the EU observation mission is working against Armenia's neighbors and is openly provocative. Grigoryan answered: "In the context of Russian-Armenian relations, I don't understand why they are trying to regionalize common problems by involving Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

The behavior of the Russian Federation in this regard is unclear. They need to discuss the relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia; they try to involve third countries and tell the Republic of Armenia that there is a problem. If the Russian Federation knows for a fact that the EU observation mission performed any action outside of its mandate, let them make it public. It is unclear why they are trying to create problems using the EU mission."

Referring to Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry's assertion that the West does not respond to the arrests during the demonstrations taking place in Armenia, Grigoryan noted that demonstrations are organized in Armenia, they are completely free in the legal field, but what is beyond that are police actions.

"Perhaps the Russian Federation will look inside itself and discuss its internal kitchen?" This does not refer to the Russian Federation, or it may refer to it in some way. That's why they are reacting. Let them say it directly; let them speak," said the Secretary of the Security Council.