"Not a single millimeter of land from the territory of Armenia has been handed over." Armen Grigoryan

The next stage of the demarcation process has been successful. RA Security Secretary Armen Grigoryan announced on Public TV that not a single millimeter of land from Armenian territory has been handed over.

"In reality, we get what belongs to Armenia and draw a border. This is the solution with the best possible solution.

The gas pipeline passes through Armenian territory, so we are okay. We have solutions regarding the access road. Currently, the road has no problems; we will solve any long-term problems. According to the 1976 map, four buildings in the past do not belong to RA: a house, a residence, a non-working shop wagon, and a garage," said Grigoryan

In answering the question, there is no fear that Azerbaijan may violate the agreements as of November 9. Grigoryan answered: "The agreement of November 9 had certain features, and the Russian Federation participated in the act. When the Russian Federation started to engage in other activities in 2022, a different result was obtained in our region."