Nikol Pashinyan sent a message on the occasion of May 9

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's message on the occasion of May 9

"Dear people, dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Today, we celebrate the 79th anniversary of the victory of the Allied countries over fascism in the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War.

With that victory, progressive humanity said no to one of the greatest evils civilization has ever seen: fascism.

The role of the Armenian people, whose more than half a million representatives made a significant contribution to the Soviet army, was invaluable in the cause of victory. Three hundred thousand of them died, and 107 Armenians were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Many Armenians also contributed to the victory against fascism on the Western fronts of the war through guerrilla and underground struggles.

Most recently, a unique ceremony took place in France when the remains of Misak Manushyan, the hero of the French underground resistance, and his wife, Meline Manushyan, were reburied in the Pantheon of the greatest figures of France. In a country occupied by fascist Germany, Manushyan and the group he led fought for the liberation of that country without even having French citizenship.

He and the Armenians serving in the allied armies fought for the freedom of humanity, and that contribution is recognized and appreciated.

The bearer of the legacy of the children of the Armenian people in the victory over fascism should be the Republic of Armenia, which should increasingly strengthen its place and role in international relations as a responsible member of the international community, which brings its contribution to global stability and peace based on legitimacy.

For this reason, the government also adopted the peace agenda, basing it on the internationally recognized territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Dear people, dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Today, we commemorate our martyrs who gave their lives not only in the fight against fascism but also for the statehood, independence, and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia. The most worthy cause of perpetuating their memory will be a free, happy, and prosperous Republic of Armenia. And we are moving towards that goal with complex but steady steps.

Glory to the martyrs, and long live the Republic of Armenia."