"Now, we will not discuss issues related to security in an open mode." Putin to Pashinyan

The RA government reports that RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a private conversation in the Kremlin. The President of the Russian Federation stated this in his speech.

"Dear Nikol Vova, I welcome you to Moscow again. We had a jubilee summit, and the 10th anniversary of the EAEU was completed. Cooperation within the framework of that international organization has a positive meaning for all countries, including Russia and Armenia.

The increase in trade turnover for Armenia with EAEU countries has been significant since 2015 - 14 times. As for bilateral relations, they have also been thriving. First of all, we pay attention to economic cooperation. The trade turnover was significant during the previous year, which is related to the rise in your exports to our country. The trade turnover between our countries amounted to more than seven billion dollars; such a volume has never been seen in our trade and economic relations.

Of course, there are issues related to the growth of trade turnover and security in the region. We will not discuss them in open mode now, but there is an opportunity to talk about the entire complex of our relations, including security issues in the region, at the EAEU work platform. I am very happy to see you; welcome."

In his turn, the RA Prime Minister noted. "Thank you, dear Vladimir Vladimir; first of all, let me thank you for the warm hospitality and for organizing the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting at a high level. The last time we met was in December, during which, of course, many issues needed to be discussed. Of course, we discussed the economic sector during the session, and I am sure we will now discuss the most important issues of bilateral and regional relations. I am also happy to see you."

The Russian mass media reported that the talks between Vladimir Putin and Nikol Pashinyan lasted more than an hour.