The Prime Minister commented on why they started the demarcation process from Tavush

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, when discussing starting the demarcation process from Tavush, said, "You can ask a question, and if you started from another area, wouldn't that same war be delegitimized?" No. Why? You would ask for a straightforward reason. In this case, we are talking about settlements. This is a significant detail."

According to the Prime Minister, escalations in 2021-2022 have raised questions among the international community. "It is with pain that I have to record that on international platforms, in many cases, the factor of four Azerbaijani villages explained them, and surprisingly and painfully for us, in those situations where we should have been in the role of the plaintiff, we ended up in the role of the defendant, because the question was asked: Do you know mutual territorial integrity? So what is the problem that you do not solve the problems of those villages?"

He emphasized that the process had started to exclude war from Tavush.