"If the delimitation process is stopped, there will be a war." Prime Minister to the clergy (VIDEO)

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the clergy's demand to stop the border demarcation process and the movement that had started.

"Suppose such a situation. I say: outstanding, dear journalists, bishops, venerable patriarch. What you say is very good. We are suspending the process from tomorrow morning, or, why, from the morning to this afternoon. And what happens after that? After that, something simple will happen: a war will begin. And what is the purpose of that war? Moreover, by analyzing who and how they react to this process, the goal is exactly that. to prevent delimitation from the beginning, the inevitable consequence of which will be war. Moreover, in that case, the war will not be delegitimized in a certain sense, and the forces that demand to stop distinction, naturally, with the support of some foreign forces, will do everything to occupy new territories of Armenia to use it to make political changes in Armenia."

According to him, internal and external forces need the war to change the government without elections. "Those who say suspension, the political agenda is as follows: provoke a war, ensure a change of power as a result of the war in a non-electoral way, and this is possible if the territories of the country are occupied, followed by the establishment of an illegitimate, puppet government in the country and the de facto dissolution of the country's sovereignty and statehood, before de jure dissolution. This is the scenario, and it is so obvious!