The Prime Minister presented the vision of "Real Armenia" (VIDEO)

The press conference of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has started.

He noted that he took over the country's administration six years ago, on this day in 2018. "Since that moment, we have considered serving the agenda, which in our reality is accepted as nationwide goals, as the primary task of our administration."

According to the Prime Minister, serving this agenda revealed a number of conceptual and practical problems that were the subject of the 2020 war, during and after it.

The Prime Minister showed a slide show on the screen representing the vision of "Real Armenia."

He also spoke about state interest, stressing that it is development in general and socio-economic development in particular and that the authorities' decisions should be evaluated to what extent they correspond to the country's vision of development.

Pashinyan also said that what is happening in Armenia today is a process of creating security guarantees.