"The fact that we are sitting in a suit and tie has made all of our lives more expensive." prime minister

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the state standardization program at the government session.

"If the water or eggplant caviar does not meet the standard, our producers cannot export to the EU market or the USA, Australia, etc. However, it is necessary to understand why that standard was defined in the EU. The water standard was set that way; why was it done that way, not the other way around?"

According to him, water is being standardized to be exported to the European market. "But since people drink like that, we say nothing; why do we need phosphorus 100 times more than the norm?" The same is true in eggplant caviar, meat, etc. We do it to export to the European market, but nobody cares that our children have been using it for tens of years. He doesn't care because standardizing means increasing the price. And I want to specify our attitude towards this phenomenon. For example, let's adjust our attitude towards inflation," he said.

According to Pashinyan, we must understand the quality of state, society, and life we want. "The fact that now we all sit in a suit and tie is the standard, and it made our lives more expensive because, sorry, we could have come in shirts, sports uniforms, etc. But if the public saw that image on television, what would they think?"

He also noted that, as a result of standardization, for example, pork will become more expensive. "But, it will be more expensive because a safety component, a more reliable healthcare component, will be added, and there will be a saving at the expense of the future risk that they could be poisoned, go to the intensive care unit, and lie under the systems for three days. I mean, that's what the standard is really about."