"The borders of Armenia are very clear." Kostanyan

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vahan Kostanyan referred to the latest statement of the CSTO, stressing that the borders of Armenia are apparent.

In a briefing with journalists, he said. "The borders of Armenia are very clear, it is very clear for everyone what is the sovereign territory of Armenia. Our position has not changed since the statement of the CSTO Secretariat (although it is also debatable whether the CSTO Secretariat has the right to make such statements on behalf of the CSTO member states). We expect that, in the end, the CSTO will give a political assessment of the fact that the sovereign territories of Armenia were occupied, in particular, in 2022. in September."

Kostanyan, when asked whether Armenia is required to review its relations with the EAEU and withdraw from the CSTO, said: "We have not been presented with such an official demand."