Vahan Kostanyan responded to the statement of the Russian Embassy

RA Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vahan Kostanyan referred to yesterday's statement by the Russian Embassy in Armenia, in which they proposed settling the accumulated problems through discussions.

According to Kostanyan, diplomats talk to all partners. "But the environment that should be created to discuss different topics is critical. And the statements of some representatives of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation do not in any way contribute to the formation of such an atmosphere."

When asked whether Armenia is ready for such a dialogue, he said: "We have raised the issues that we see on the agenda of RA-RF relations, and I think that we can expect that our de jure ally state will respond to them, not only with words but also with steps, and will not take steps, will not make statements that harm, as they claim, the vital interests of their ally."