France breaks the taboo by supplying equipment to CSTO member country Armenia

The Ambassador of France to Armenia, Olivier Decotigny, announced on public TV that France assumes responsibility for Armenia. In recent months, we have started cooperating with Armenia in the developing field of defense. 

"The Minister of Defense of Armenia visited Paris, and the Minister of the Armed Forces of France, in turn, visited Armenia, during which we witnessed certain concrete improvements in the form of equipment and training, which are already underway for the benefit of the Armenian army," the ambassador said.

Speaking about Azerbaijan and Russia's criticism of that meeting, Decotigny noted that he cannot understand why helping a country face territorial threats can harm and worry other countries.

"How can helping Armenia be against Russia? I don't understand that logic. When Armenia needed help, Russia was not there, and the West is helping today," he said.

According to the ambassador, France was the first NATO country to break the taboo by supplying equipment to Armenia, a CSTO member country.

"France, within its capabilities, can allow Armenia to protect its people, sovereignty, and territorial integrity without waiting for a new military episode so that it can only help Armenia," said Decotigny.

Answering the question about the quality of French weapons, the ambassador noted that if they did not have military significance, Azerbaijan would not be displeased every time they spoke about them.