"Azerbaijan is doing everything to abort the peace." Member of Parliament

Armen Khachatryan, a member of the NA KP faction, referred to the border tension. He reminded me that on April 1, before the Azerbaijani shootings in the direction of the Armenian positions, there were publications on the Russian telegram channels about the alleged movement of troops, the alleged pre-attack. "I connect this first of all with the meeting on April 5, but also, this primitive handwriting of Azerbaijan is not alien to us, to spread false news every time before offensive, provocative actions to create legitimate grounds for attacks." According to him, after hours, the EU observers presented the objective reality, showing that Azerbaijan is lying.

He said that Azerbaijan does not seek peace. "No one has ever said that Azerbaijan is striving for peace. "Azerbaijan does not strive for peace, but does everything to abort peace." He noted that Armenia would follow the path of peace and impose peace. "Azerbaijan should be forced to return to the constructive field and take into account the circumstances that it has to take into account. Take into account that RA is a sovereign, democratic country, take into account together with its allies."

In response to the question: How will RA force Azerbaijan if it cannot force it to withdraw its troops from the country's territory? Khachatryan said, "Everything is in its stages. It all started with the fact that the military balance was significantly disturbed. Today, Azerbaijan speaks from a position of strength. Azerbaijan tries very little to advance its interests in international and other rights; it speaks from the position of strength. The balance has been broken, and he is taking advantage of it."