Today is the anniversary of the four-day war

Today is the 8th anniversary of the April four-day war.

On the night of April 1-2, 2016, the enemy launched offensive operations along the entire Karabakh-Azerbaijan contact line. On the morning of April 2, at 8:18 AM, the first message was received from the Artsakh Defense Army, according to which, on the night of April 1-2, the enemy launched open offensive operations in the southern, southeastern, and northeastern directions of the contact line, using artillery, other weapons, armored vehicles, and air force.

In addition to the battles on the front line, the enemy made artillery attacks on peaceful settlements and the areas of permanent deployment of several military units. There were heated clashes along the entire length of the contact line. On the very first day, there were also wounded among the civilian population.

Fightful battles took place along the contact line from April 2 to 5, the largest military operations since the 1990s war.

As a result of the four-day war, the Armenian side suffered more than a hundred casualties.

There were also territorial losses: the Azerbaijani army occupied the Lele-Tepe hill. In Lele Tepe, the Artsakh army lost 7 positions, which are from 1.5 to 2 kilometers long and 500 meters to 1 kilometer deep. There were also losses in the north, in the direction of Talish/Mataghis-Tap Karakoyunlu.

With the mediation of the Russian Federation, a verbal agreement to cease fire was reached on April 5, and military operations were stopped at noon. According to official data, the Armenian side lost 110 dead and 120 wounded as a result of the fighting.