"Russia deceived us and tried to drag us into a new war, already on the territory of Armenia." Alain Simonyan

RA NA Speaker Alen Simonyan reflected on the current state of Armenian-Russian relations. Simonyan responded to the words of Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, that Armenia has turned into a dangerous tool of the West.

Why does Russia not comment on the Azerbaijani side with the same enthusiasm, for example, the Aliyev-Zelensky meeting, multi-million dollar aid to Ukraine, etc.?

What do they know? What is the fundamental interest of the Armenian people? For us, it is the independent, safe country we are trying to create and assert because, after the 1990s, the independence we fought for did not exist. It was a seemingly semi-dependent state until today," he said.

Alen Simonyan emphasized that no one is doing anything against Russia. "We had a friend, an elder brother, an ally who was supposed to protect us. When the time came, he did not protect us; he left us alone.

Then we believed again that he would protect us. Still, they deceived us again, deceived us, and tried to drag us into a new war already on the territory of the Republic of Armenia to come and save us in a specific situation, throwing a ring on the Armenian people and statehood.

They ask: Are we removing Russia from the region with the help of the West? Let them come and protect Armenia with their own hands. They came. Did we object? There were Russian soldiers in Khtsaberd and peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh. They came. We saw how many times we had to make the same mistake. We don't have that many resources," said Alen Simonyan.