"No one in Armenia has the right to hand over anything by law." Alain Simonyan

RA NA Speaker Alen Simonyan announced on Public Radio that we do border liberalization not under threat but because we need it.

"After the delimitation, yes, Azerbaijan recognizes our border, so what should it do?" They also need that border. By law, no one in Armenia has the right to hand over anything. The RA government is not even going to discuss handing over any territory.

For example, when there was talk about the so-called Zangezur Corridor, we said that if something is imposed on us, we will fight to the end, and today, the rumors that exist are mean speculations," Simonyan noted.

According to the RA NA Speaker, the Armenian side said, Let's fix the border; ours is ours, yours is yours. They are waiting for an answer.

"All this is not only about the map; there should be a legal document under this with a mirroring logic," said Alen Simonyan.