Armenia will send humanitarian aid to Gaza (VIDEO)

The Armenian government will provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

RA Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Arpine Sargsyan announced that to provide social support to around 1.5 million people displaced from Gaza and settled at the Rafah checkpoint, who are in a difficult socio-economic situation, the RA government will provide food and medicine, providing people's primary needs.

For this purpose, 19 million drams will be allocated from the government's reserve fund for the humanitarian burden.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also announced this humanitarian support during his visit to Egypt. "There were issues related to logistics, and we also needed the support of the Egyptian government in delivering this humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza; we reached this agreement during the visit because, due to the situation, we cannot deliver the cargo directly to the Gaza Strip itself and the beneficiaries."

The deputy minister added that all agreements with the Egyptian government had already been reached; the cargo would be sent there, and Egypt would help deliver it to the people of Gaza.