Mirzoyan met with the head of the government of Buenos Aires

On March 26, RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Ararat Mirzoyan, who is on an official visit to Argentina, met with the head of the government of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri. The city's Minister of Education, Mercedes Miguel, also participated in the meeting.

The interlocutors emphasized with satisfaction the existence of a high-level political dialogue between Armenia and Argentina. Noting that Yerevan and Buenos Aires have been declared sister cities since 2000, Minister Mirzoyan added that, in the background of deepening Armenian-Argentine relations, new prospects for cooperation between the two cities are also opening up.

In the context of sectoral cooperation, the interlocutors at the meeting paid a lot of attention to the issues of mutual support in the field of education and information technologies, as well as the exchange of experience and application of innovative solutions. Both sides emphasized the work being done towards opening the "Tumo" creative technology center in Argentina. Minister Mirzoyan also presented the steps taken to bring the academic city to life in Armenia.

Ararat Mirzoyan and Jorge Macri also emphasized the maximum use of existing opportunities to strengthen economic and business ties and, for this purpose, implement initiatives to establish and expand relations between Armenian and Argentinian companies.

Referring to the role of the Armenian community in Argentina, the interlocutors also emphasized the importance of cultural ties, considering that Buenos Aires has become a center of consolidation of different cultures, including about 100 thousand Armenians living here. Minister Mirzoyan also expressed his gratitude for the awarding of the title of "Honorary Guest of Buenos Aires" at the event held yesterday in the Parliament of Buenos Aires, which obliges him to contribute in his way to the further development of Yerevan-Buenos Aires relations.

At the meeting, the security situation around Armenia, the consequences of the ethnic cleansing carried out by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, the ongoing challenge, and the efforts of Armenia aimed at establishing stability in the South Caucasus were also discussed.