"Azerbaijan's way of working does not indicate the existence of adequate reciprocity." Mirzoyan

Within the framework of the official visit, RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Ararat Mirzoyan met with representatives of leading local media. He discussed the bilateral relations between Armenia and Argentina, the existing historical ties between the two countries, and the mutual efforts to further enrich the partnership agenda.

The willingness to develop economic ties equivalent to the existing high-level political dialogue was emphasized. In this context, the minister presented yesterday's discussions with his Argentinian counterpart and informed him about the invitation for a mutual visit.

The current priorities of different directions of RA's foreign policy, the security situation in the South Caucasus, existing challenges, and the efforts to overcome them were touched upon.

Presenting the critical issues in regulating relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the RA's positions on them, Minister Mirzoyan emphasized that showing commitment on both sides should be imperative to making steady progress in the process. Armenia has such a commitment, but Azerbaijan's way of working needs to indicate the existence of adequate reciprocity.

"We continue the negotiations to reach a consensus on key issues, and in this way, the clear positions of our international partners and support for key principles are also important," the minister noted.

Ararat Mirzoyan presented in detail the "Crossroads of Peace" program developed by the RA government, which considers redesigning global and regional logistics channels. Minister Mirzoyan emphasized RA's unequivocal interest in unblocking regional channels and the four fundamental principles to be laid at the basis of that process.

The head of the RA foreign political department answered several questions of interest to journalists, including addressing the consequences of ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.