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"Recognition of genocide is a political trade." Sukiasyan


8 February, 15:40

Khachatur Sukiasyan, deputy of the KP faction of the National Assembly, spoke about the Armenian Genocide, claiming that Armenians are also guilty of it.

"Who renounces genocide?" First of all, it is the most shameful thing in the world that people like us were massacred to such an extent. It is also our fault for not organizing and keeping ourselves together. It should be a lesson for us. It is not a lesson for us to cry, but a lesson for us to be strong so that in the future, our generations will never find themselves in such a situation. I don't need someone who knows what; I need to be strong," he said.

According to the MP, the recognition of the genocide is a political trade. "We need a powerful state. When it has a political problem, that's when they recognize it."

Regarding constitutional amendments, the deputy noted that the constitution should be changed and made equivalent to the new times. "You don't follow the trends, do you?" A new iPhone is coming out; why are they striving for it?" He gave an example.

According to Sukiasyan, the constitution should be in line with geopolitical changes. "Nikol Pashinyan meant that you have to consider geopolitical changes and build everything in the country according to the current situation. The current constitution was equivalent to the realities of that time; now we want it to be equivalent to the new reality," he said.

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