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In The Hague, Mirzoyan spoke about Azerbaijan's procrastination of the peace process and its extremist ambitions


7 February, 21:13

On February 7, RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, who is in The Hague, participated in a round-table discussion at one of the prestigious analytical centers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the "Klingendeel" Institute of International Relations. Representatives of expert circles and journalist-analysts were present at the discussion.

During the discussion, Minister Mirzoyan presented in detail the current security situation in the South Caucasus and the features of the normalization process of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Reference was made to the process of negotiations on the draft peace agreement. Minister Mirzoyan noted the steps and proposals made by RA towards the agreement of the project, on the one hand, and Azerbaijan's ambitions to delay the process, on the other hand.

Minister Mirzoyan emphasized the need for the unequivocal recognition of territorial integrity and to ensure maximum certainty for further distinction based on the Alma-Ata Declaration and the latest legitimate maps of the USSR. In the context of the unblocking of regional transport and economic channels, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia emphasized the inadmissibility of any "corridor" logic for the Republic of Armenia and repeatedly voiced his readiness to provide the necessary facilitated mechanisms that will operate exclusively under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia. In this context, reference was made to the "Crossroads of Peace" concept developed by the RA government, that is, the creation of practical ways and conditions connecting the North with the South and the East with the West as a guarantee of stability in the South Caucasus.

Minister Mirzoyan also answered questions of interest to the attendees. Referring to the deepening of the RA-EU partnership, the minister noted that RA's relations with the European integration structure are based on shared values and democratic principles, including the effective implementation of the RA-EU comprehensive and expanded partnership agreement and the development of new directions of cooperation.

Minister Mirzoyan referred to the steps taken by the RA government to address the needs and rights of the Armenian population forcibly displaced from their homeland as a result of ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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