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Konjoryan calls on Azerbaijan not to thread the needle


6 February, 13:56

Hayk Konjoryan, head of the KP faction of the National Assembly, stated that changing the constitution is not Azerbaijan's demand.

"This is the internal agenda of Armenia; this is about the state of Armenia; it is about the citizens of Armenia," he said in a briefing with journalists.

According to Konjoryan, we are threading their needle by mentioning Azerbaijan's statements.

Konjoryan also added. "The discussions about the constitution, the declaration of independence, and the 4th republic, which are ongoing and will continue, are about our self-Armenianization."

Konjoryan also said that concluding once the draft constitution is presented is premature. "Now both we, the opposition, and the public will present the positions, and when there is a draft text, everyone will know about it. It is too early to conclude now.''

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