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"I do not rule out that Armenians will go and live in Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijanis will come to live in Armenia." Alain Simonyan


7 December 2023, 12:07

"There is no blood on our hands; let them not suddenly mess us up with them," said NA Speaker Alen Simonyan, responding to the question addressed to the RA Prime Minister by Levon Kocharyan, deputy of the Armenia faction.

Alen Simonyan also referred to the process of peace treaty negotiations: "Azerbaijan is trying to put issues on the agenda that will artificially complicate the conclusion of the agreement, and I assess this very negatively. We know what we have conveyed and are negotiating very well, and so do they. Constantly talking about it creates artificial problems," he said, referring to Baku's claims about the return of Azerbaijanis who previously lived in Armenia. Simonyan cited as an example that RA citizens travel to Georgia and vice versa, and such issues are not in the Armenian-Georgian agreements. "Some time must pass; the Azerbaijani side must reduce the hate speech that they have made their brand," he noted, adding that he does not rule out when, after some time, Armenians will go to live in Azerbaijan and vice versa. "Time will pass, and I do not rule out that Armenians will go to live in Azerbaijan; Azerbaijanis will come to live in Armenia and do trade. Yes, we are going for peace; there is no other way for peace. England and France have been at war with each other for 116 years; they have killed each other, but today they are the biggest allies."

According to him, a peace agreement can be reached if the president of Azerbaijan changes his rhetoric and participates in the meetings. He also said that Azerbaijan should seek within itself guarantees that Armenia will not resort to revanchism. "Are you afraid of revanchism? Establish normal relations with your immediate neighbor."

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