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"Armenia is not a springboard or an outpost to implement plans beyond its borders." Prime Minister (VIDEO)


16 November, 11:41

"Why are the times historical?" asked Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, stating "We are faced with the need to re-evaluate the functional significance of state and statehood, and the result of that evaluation, in my opinion, should be the following: Armenia is not a springboard or an outpost to implement plans developed outside its borders, but a means to ensure the safety, well-being, freedom, and happiness of its citizens."

According to him, the state should exclusively serve these plans. "Economic development is the state interest of Armenia, and all policies and concepts must be evaluated accordingly, as far as they correspond to development interests."

According to the Prime Minister, the pinnacle of the value system is Armenia; the pinnacle of the country's interest system is Armenia's economic development. "The peace agenda is aimed at serving these two peaks."

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