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"The three key principles of peace are agreed upon." prime minister


16 November, 11:25

"Our will to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan in the coming months remains unshakable, with the record that RA cannot sign that treaty alone, and for this, we need Azerbaijan's signature," announced Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

"And how realistic is the signing of a peace treaty with Azerbaijan before the end of the year or in the coming months?" The three fundamental principles of peace have been agreed with Azerbaijan, and this agreement took place during our negotiations," he said, noting that they took place in 2023 on May 14 and July 15, during tripartite meetings held in Brussels.

He explained why the contract was not signed. "By and large, the reason is mistrust between the parties because every time we, Azerbaijan, see intentions to abandon agreements and plan aggressive actions, which negatively affects the textual work of the agreement."

He also added "To be clarified shortly, there are several more key issues, one of which is the formulation of a mechanism to overcome possible misinterpretations of the content of the "Peace Agreement," and the other is the creation of security guarantees so that no escalation is possible after the signing of the "Peace Agreement."

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