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"The Peace Agenda and the "Crossroads of Peace" are all about security." prime minister


15 November, 17:29

The most important political and operational significance of the "Crossroads of Peace" project is that we visually show what we want, what we are willing to express, and so on," said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, referring to the "Crossroads of Peace" MP of the NA KP faction to Tsovinar Vardanyan's question.

According to him, this is not something new but an expression of the last three years' positions, discussions, and agreements.

"The Peace Agenda and the "Peace Crossroads" are about security. The security model that we implemented and had problems with as a result, you know what it is: We turned right; we gave a finger; we turned left; we gave a finger; we looked straight; we turned around; we gave a finger. They asked us, "What are you doing on this account?" We said, What? Don't you know who is behind us?" When the moment came that it had to be expressed, they said, As if we are not expecting a call today, we cannot say anything. This change in perception is important," he said.

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