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"I'm not preparing the ground for anything." Prime Minister on leaving CSTO (VIDEO)


15 November, 16:49

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the decisions of Armenian officials not to participate in recent CSTO events.

"We have not refused but have decided for various reasons not to be present at those specific events," said Nikol Pashinyan.

Referring to the question of Agnesa Khamoyan, deputy of the Hayastan faction, whether the ground is thus being prepared for leaving the CSTO, she said: "I do not prepare the soil for anything because that soil is either there or not, regardless of our preparation."

Pashinyan reminded that CSTO, contrary to its de jure binding obligations, did not respond appropriately to Armenia's security challenges, which were repeated several times: "With all due respect to all our partners, we record that it is also incomprehensible to our public why we go every time, repeat the same things without getting a response, go back, then go the same way again."

According to the Prime Minister, "the most important record regarding the processes taking place in the CSTO and our positions is that the CSTO, despite its de jure mandatory obligations, did not respond properly to the security challenges of RA, which has been repeated several times. The biggest problem is that the CSTO refuses to register its area of responsibility in RA, which may mean that we, by silently participating in those conditions, can join the logic that in any way calls into question the territorial integrity of RA."

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